Halt! Hier Grenze - Armored Cavalry in 3mm

The 3mm project expands to the US Army.  I opted to start with a cavalry formation, because cavalry is awesome, and everything else can be lumped into the lesser category of "ain't cav"  I am aiming for a mid-80's look for my collection, which meant going with forest green as the basic color.  (All of the M1 (IP) I remember from the early 90's were still in this color)  This also helps them stand out from the Bundeswehr minis I did in NATO 3-color.

This represents a single Armored Cavalry Squadron, which is essentially a battalion sized formation.  It also highlights the difference between NATO and WARPAC formations.  A WARPAC armor battalion fields between 31-40 tanks while a US Armor Battalion has 58.  This group represents a post 1986 cavalry group with 3 troops of 9 Tanks and 13 M3 CFVs and 1 Armor Company.  

The M3s were actually organized in platoons of 6 vehicles, but were used in the scout role, so I based each platoon as two separate sections on recon b…

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