A few more Villagers

I took some time over the weekend to add to the terrain mix a little bit.  First up, I finished the Perry Japanese Villager pack.  I opted to keep the patterns rather plain as these guys are meant to be set dressing for Samurai skirmish games.  
I also took advantage of some of the new terrain releases in support of Warlord's "Test of Honor"  in this case Sarissa Precision did a new Torii Gate, some wooden walkways and the Rice Stores.  I tried doing these with actual stain and the results are o.k.  I did a mix of light and dark stains on the walkway to show wear, and it came out rather subtle.  
I have the watermill as well, but have yet to begin assembly.  There is some other scatter terrain available, so I may need to flesh out my burgeoning little village.

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