More Egyptian Infantry

With Jon pumping outAssyrianInfantryindroves, I thought it best to provide provide some reinforcements to my beleaguered Egyptians.   I managed to finish off an additional two stands of Spearmen.  These are classified as light infantry in Impetus, so they only get 8 figures per stand versus the 12-16 on Jon's.  The rules allow for large units, so I repainted two stands of the existing collection with new shields to create an army center of 4 reinforced units.

They are color coded to make them easier to pick out, and I also took the opportunity to add a sword armed "champion" to lead each of the secondary bases.

I still plan to add enough archers and skirmishers to defend each block, and then its on to the light chariots.  The goal is to get them on the field to face the Assyrians by December, which appears manageable...for now.

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