Zorndorf 2018 Update

Updating the plan

I have not had a great deal of new work to post since returning from Thailand, but I am still advancing on this project.  Currently I have another 4 regiments of Russian Musketeers and 6 squadrons of Hussars nearing completion.    I am past the 50% point on this project, but there have been some hiccups in the organization of the units. 

There seems to be some fairly specific numbers provided for the Russian Strength at Zorndorf.  Using these values, I modified the current project plan to better reflect the forces present.  Overall, I am representing one ~1300 man Regiment on a single 120mm base, and a ~600 man (5 squadrons) cavalry regiment with 2 60mm bases. 

The published numbers I have seen for the Prussians reflect fully manned regiments, where attrition would reduce the actual numbers. Especially in light of the Prussian forced march in mid August prior to the battle. The diminished sizes of those units might have accounted for the historical outcome as well.  

Imjin Reference V - Murals and Art pieces

Imjin War Reference IV - Artillery

Imjin War reference III - banners